Sony Pictures partners Tandem, Peace Out & Ridley Scott for Pompeii


MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Television (SPT), Tandem Communications, Peace Out Productions and Scott Free Television have partnered on a new four-hour event miniseries, based on Pompeii, the bestselling book by Robert Harris.


"Pompeii is a thrilling read and will make for an exciting miniseries. Provocative and suspenseful, the story unfolds as both a love story and a thriller, with the historical, apocalyptic backdrop of a city on the precipice of destruction and characters who are totally relatable to a contemporary audience," said Helen Verno, executive vice president, movies and miniseries, SPT.


"We’re looking forward to partnering again with Sony Pictures Television and Scott Free and with Executive Producer Judith Verno at the producing helm, we have a team that understands exciting event programming. Pompeii was one of the worst natural disasters in our history and Mount Vesuvius is still considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Even today, it remains a concern, with its ever-present potential for disaster," said Rola Bauer, Partner and Managing Director of Tandem Communications.


"The creation of worlds – specifically those historical worlds which continue to capture the popular imagination – is what we love to do and do best. Pompeii is a strong and compelling character drama set against a backdrop of a flourishing but ultimately doomed civilization – exactly what makes great event television," said Ridley Scott.