Sony Pictures Technologies opts for DFT’s Scanity film scanners


MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Technologies has opted for DFT Digital Film Technology’s new Scanity film scanner for various data workflows.

The vast number of workflows and deliverables that Sony Pictures Technologies will be managing on a day-to-day basis will demand versatile, fast, and stable scanning technology that can address multiple applications including dailies, film mastering, grading, low resolution browsing and previewing, archive and restoration, and digital intermediate.

The Scanity technology meets Sony Pictures Technologies’ requirements to rapidly scan 4K resolution at 15 fps in order to capture all the data from original film negatives. Film is scanned once and stored as data files for future use in the workflow timeline.

"Our goal has been to identify a high quality, efficient, flexible, and cost-effective solution that will offer us the ability to scan content once and support many workflows. Scanity will help us facilitate the creative process and maximize the value of our content in a timely fashion," said Sony Pictures Technologies president Chris Cookson.

"We are delighted that Sony Pictures Technologies has shown its commitment to our new Scanity film scanner, and we are confident that our scanning technology will provide a comprehensive range of options for streamlining their workflows," added DFT Digital Film Technology managing director Stefan Kramper.