Sony to bring Ripley to Internet, mobile

MUMBAI: Sony Pictures International has bought rights to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! television show from Ripley Entertainment Inc.

Sony plans to distribute ‘mobisodes’, or segments of the TV show to mobile phone users and Internet browsers. The segments include unbelievable and completely wacky humans, incredible feats and animal oddities ranging from a microchip dog to mountain stilt hikers. The show segments are expected to be available to the public later this year and will be available through mobile devices, Internet, airline in-flight entertainment and on-demand channels. 

Sony Pictures Television will draw in material from the 79 one-hour episodes of the Ripley Believe It or Not! television show hosted by Jack Palance that aired in the 1980s and from the 88 one-hour episodes in the Dean Cain series that ran 1999-2003. 

The three-year deal signed with CPT Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television International, highlights the growing need for mobile information and content for the Internet, particularly for bite-sized, captivating pieces of entertainment. 

Ripley Entertainment executive vice president of Intellectual Property Norm Deska says, “When we worked with Sony years ago on the production of these shows, we never dreamed this footage would have any use other than that of television. We are excited that a whole new generation will have the opportunity to witness amazing ‘Believe It or Nots!’ through a more contemporary channel of communication.” 

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