Strong appetite but weak awareness for 3D films: Neilsen


Mumbai: The Nielsen Company reported that there is strong consumer appetite for 3-D films. It was based on a detailed analysis that showed a 65% sales increase in theatres using 3-D technology to exhibit their movies.

The analysis, which was unveiled by Nielsen PreView at the Cine Expo conference in The Netherlands, compared the film’s performance with a proven track record in the action/adventure genre. This like-to-like comparison provides a more sophisticated understanding on the impact of 3-D.

"With all the upcoming hype around 3-D, we wanted to take a hard look and see if there is truly a consumer appetite for 3-D," says Nielsen PreView SVP Ann Marie Dumais.

The report goes on to add that while consumers have an appetite for 3-D films, they often lack awareness and education around what 3-D is and where to find it. The survey says 48% were unaware that their movie choices were even available in 3-D.