Taiwanese film industry thanks movie fans for promoting legitimate movie watching


MUMBAI: Representatives from across the Taiwanese film industry appear in a new video trailer campaign launched on 1 August, 2010, to thank movie fans for choosing to watch legitimate movies at the cinema, or at home with DVDs, on TV or online.

Taiwanese film director Doze Niu, who made the film Monga, appealed to people to do the right thing: “Please support legitimate movies, not only for the sake of protecting the jobs of those who work in the movie industry, but also for the purpose of being able to enjoy many more touching movies.”

The video trailer also featured messages from a range of people who work in the Taiwanese film industry, including cinema staff and veteran cinema projector operator, A-Kun, who said: “If you continue to support legitimate movies, I can carry on with my professional career.” Motion Picture Association president and managing director Asia-Pacific Mike Ellis congratulated the Taiwanese film industry on the production of the trailer: “This is a very worthwhile initiative which shows the industry’s genuine appreciation for movie fans who make a choice to watch legitimate content. Just by making that choice they are voting for a healthy film industry and that is beneficial to everyone: it’s good for protecting jobs in the film industry, including filmmakers and cinema staff, and it stimulates investment in more movies for movie fans to enjoy. I look forward to seeing more positive initiatives such as this in the future.”