Target & MTV Networks launch interactive online video ad unit

MUMBAI: Target and MTV Networks are partnering to introduce an entirely new online video ad unit called The Scrubber.
The Scrubber is a custom video player that allows advertisers to insert brand or product icons into the playback timer, and tell a marketing story that unfolds over the course of the viewing experience. The unit is designed to be interactive, contextually relevant and non-interruptive to the consumer.
"Whether it’s messaging, design or delivery, Target is tops at innovating in marketing while maintaining a strong focus on the consumer. With Target, we’ve developed an entirely new way to deliver retail messages through short-form online video, and the result is better advertising with greater impact," said MTV Networks senior vice president and general manager of digital fusion Jason Witt.
Utilizing a new "story engine" technology, the branded Scrubber scrolls left to right, crossing over various products icons as a video plays. Each time the Scrubber intersects with a product icon, a message overlay launches and invites consumers to play with, get more information about, or even purchase the item. For Target, the unit was custom-designed to take on the retailer’s classic red and white colors, and the actual Scrubber ball takes the shape of the iconic Target bullseye logo. The Scrubber will be loaded with products relevant to each of MTV Networks’ audiences; for example, The Scrubber on will highlight Target’s line of entertainment and fashion products.
The Scrubber delivers on insight from Project Inform, a recent study in which MTV Networks’ identified ad packages and formats that rank high in audience likeability and marketer effectiveness. The Scrubber is one of many campaigns co-authored by MTVN’s Digital Fusion team, an online advertising and marketing unit that works across all MTV Networks’ properties to mine insights, develop innovative media and advertising products and create custom marketing programs. From MTV to COMEDY CENTRAL to Nickelodeon and beyond, Digital Fusion has drawn upon MTV Networks’ portfolio of brands in dozens of campaigns for brands and companies across the entertainment, packaged goods, communications, quick service restaurants, retail, technology and service industries.