The Exorcist’ tops list of Nightmare-Maker Movies in a survey from Blockbuster


Mumbai: According to a survey from Blockbuster, The Exorcist was the top pick in a survey from the entertainment retailer on Nightmare-Maker Movies films that are so haunting that they follow you into your dreams.

Participants in the survey on were asked to name the movie most likely to give them nightmares. The Exorcist was by far the most frequently named Nightmare-Maker Movie, with 21 percent of movie lovers choosing it as the most haunting. Halloween came in second, with 11 percent of horror watchers naming the movie featuring psycho killer Michael Myers.

It is clear from the survey results that it takes different kinds of scares to trouble the psyches of different movie fans. "Nightmares are a possible side effect of all these films," said Blockbuster Inc. director film product Keith Leopard "Some will take that as a warning and others as a recommendation. All we can say is: viewer discretion advised."

    The Blockbuster Top 10 Nightmare-Maker Movies are:

    1.   The Exorcist

    2.   Halloween

    3.   The Ring

    4.   A Nightmare on Elm Street

    5.   The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    6.   The Grudge

    7.   The Shining

    8.   Saw

    9.  The Blair Witch Project

    10.  Pet Semetary

The above results are from a survey, conducted in October, including almost 6,000 responses on