Thought Equity Motion launches music & sound effects collection


MUMBAI: Online motion content licensing and management services supplier Thought Equity Motion continues has launched its new music and sound effects collection.

The Thought Equity music collection gives creatives direct access to original, exclusive music tracks available only at Thought Equity, as well as other licensable tracks for entertainment projects across all media, from broadcasting and film, to advertising and other new media.

The Thought Equity platform provides a simple, straight-forward process for licensing high-production value sound. All tracks are one-hundred percent cleared, enabling immediate download and usage. The licensing process is fully integrated into the Thought Equity Motion website and completely automated for speed and convenience.

“Music and motion go hand-in-hand. Enhancing our content offering with music just makes sense. Traditional music licensing can be extremely complicated. You listen to CDs or pay for search services, track down the music label, then try to make a deal for rights. New media is driving advertising right now and that traditional licensing model just doesn’t allow the scalability, time and cost-efficiencies required to be a player in that market. We’ve created a solution that makes finding and licensing the right track easy. All the music tracks are fully cleared. Streamlining the entire music search and licensing process to enable quick, easy and cost-effective creation of soundtracks not only satisfies a wish list item for current customers, but enables the exponentially larger market of customers looking to enter the new media space,” said Thought Equity CEO and founder Kevin Schaff.

The market opportunity for Thought Equity is promising, as the shift to motion content media manifests across all platforms, including the web. Indicators of how deeply entrenched motion content combined with sound has become include Google’s recent launch of video/audio-based advertising and the success of many video-driven sites such as YouTube. Research firm eMarketer forecasts 2008 online advertising spending at approximately 25.8 billion, with an annual expansion approaching 16-17% through the year 2012.

In addition to the options available for immediate licensing at, the company will also bring its licensing and clearance expertise to the music arena. If the right track can’t be found within the company’s online music pool, Thought Equity’s licensing specialists will secure the rights and clearances for the perfect music choice.

“Thought Equity is always the first place we go for footage, so it’s great to have a resource we already know and trust for music options. We provide post production services for every silo in the industry, from agencies to films to independent producers. This is a great solution for producers who already have a good idea of what they want, or are simply looking for a cost-effective solution for creating a soundtrack. Everything you need is here – music and sound effects. The interface is straight forward and the search filters make it easy to find what you’re looking for. You have online access to prices, can immediately purchase and download your music, and start editing right away. It’s a great way to save time and money,” said design and post production firm Idolum’s Robin Schmachtenberger.

“Our core philosophy has always been to find and represent the best talent with the highest-production value content, and then make it as easy as possible for our customers to search, download and use. Our approach to music isn’t any different. Simplifying the music search and licensing process is just one more way Thought Equity is enabling success for our customers in both traditional and new media markets,” added Schaff.