Twentieth Century goes live with piracy software MediaEscort

Mumbai: USA Video Interactive Corporation announced that Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (TCFHE) has gone ‘live’ with its new copy protection software, MediaEscort, to protect the studio’s filmed entertainment content that is streamed via the Internet to its various trade business partners in advance of DVD availability.
MediaEscort’s on-demand watermarking system automatically and seamlessly embeds SmartMarks, imperceptible forensic information in every frame of video content, during Internet delivery to protect against piracy. TCFHE selected MediaEscort for online delivery of streaming media content for review by retail buyers, distributors and others that sell DVDs to the general public. The move provides the studio’s trade partners with the convenience of being able to view its product simply on their office computer.
"Professional pirates constantly prowl the Internet for streaming entertainment content that they might possibly hijack," stated TCFHE executive director of digital marketing IT Heather Field. "In using MediaEscort we can provide advance access to our content, conveniently and in a traceable manner."
"MediaEscort is a breakthrough for USVO product development that meets a growing demand for anti-piracy products for online media," said USVO CEO Edwin Molina. "We feel this is the beginning of a new era in content protection for intellectual property rights holders."