UK Film Council launches website


MUMBAI: The UK Film Council has launched a website called, which is a first-of-its-kind film search engine.

The website will find out when, where and how a film is available in the UK – legally and across all formats and platforms – cinema, TV, DVD & Blu-ray sale or rental, download and streaming. is an industry first and the first time that anything like this has been delivered on the internet that indexes all available films in the UK. It is absolutely free and easy to use. contains over 30,000 unique film records – which is about seven years’ worth of film. There are 20 genres covering everything from Action, Foreign and Classic to Thriller, Bollywood and Drama, and people can even search by inputting a mood, a location or using keywords like ‘fairytale ending’.

The site also contains films in over 60 different languages ranging from English to Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, French and Cantonese.

UK Film Council head of Distribution and Exhibition Peter Buckingham who pioneered this new site says, "This new site is going to transform how consumers find the films they want to watch – we will soon wonder how we ever coped without it! We have turned what was often an incredibly time-consuming, frustrating process into one that makes it much easier for film fans to see films in the UK. does exactly what it says on the tin and is the fastest place to find a film to watch in any format, if it’s legally available in the UK."

The producer of films like Chariots of Fire, The Killing Fields and The Mission, Lord Puttnam says, "I am delighted that the UK Film Council has developed this innovative and user-friendly site to make it that much easier for people to find films in a digital age." is user friendly and entering a film into the search engine will return all the formats that the film is available in; these are then broken down by proximity, price and popularity. Users can click straight through from a chosen film and be taken directly to the cinema or retailer website where they can book a seat at their nearest cinema or buy the film there and then, using the cheapest or preferred retailer. Other features include trailers for films, details about new and coming soon films and most popular searches – across all formats.

An ‘Alert Me’ feature will automatically alert users as soon as their chosen film, becomes available in the UK in their chosen format. Buckingham adds, "The launch of comes at a time where everything points to the massive popularity of film, with UK box office takings growing five per cent to a record £949 million last year. will help more people find and enjoy more films."