Universal Publishing Production Music acquires French music company


MUMBAI: Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) has acquired the publishing assets of French production music company, Kapagama S.A.

UPPM serves the business that creates, produces, and licenses music for use in film/TV, advertising, broadcast and corporate clients. Owning both the Master and the Copyright for the composition, UPPM allows clients to license music both in an easy and affordable one-stop shop.

Through this agreement, Kapagama will stand as a separate company within UPPM under the leadership of its current president Jean-Michel Gallois-Montbrun.

Kapagama SA is one of the key players in production music in France and Germany, and is the co-owner of the Kosinus catalogue. From its Paris headquarters, Kapagama manages worldwide distribution of production music catalogues such as Kosinus and AX’s, and also represents a number of well-known international catalogues in the local French market. From its office in Germany, Kapagama GmbH represents Kosinus, AX’s, X-Ray Dog, and West One Music, amongst others.

Kapagama’s Kosinus library has been developed under the skillful hand of producer Eric Mallet, and currently comprises a catalogue of over 200 CDs. Kosinus is regarded by many users around the world as a creative, distinctive and highly effective production music catalogue. Through this agreement, the long term partnership between Kapagama and Kosinus is maintained and Eric Mallet will continue to develop Kosinus with the full support of Kapagama and UPPM.

UPPM worldwide president Gary Gross said, "We are very happy that Kapagama has chosen to team up with UPPM and are very pleased to contribute to the development of Kosinus, and its very creative yet very producer-friendly music that will be a great added value to the existing UPPM catalogues."

Gallois-Montbrun added, "As the preeminent supplier of high level production music throughout the world, Universal Publishing Production Music was the natural choice to market the Kapagama and Kosinus music internationally. Their global marketing vision under the leadership of Gary Gross and Jean-Phillipe Allard made us want to be part of the Universal Publishing Production Music family."