Usher releases Hush on iTunes


Mumbai: Usher has released the Hush single on iTunes as part of his continued national call-to-service for young people.

The song is available now for download at iTunes as well as and the portions of the proceeds will benefit the New Look non profit Organization.

Usher has been one of the most active celebrities in the 2008 Presidential elections – he has led youth rallies, organized voter registration drives and stepped forward to participate in voter registration PSA’s for Leonardo DiCaprio,, CNN’s League of First Time Voters, The Barack Obama Campaign and through Usher’s New Look Foundation. In January 2008 Barack Obama asked Usher to serve as National Co-Chair for his voter registration campaign with national leaders including Civil Rights icon Rev. Joseph Lowery.

"Hush is about my awakening over the past 10 years to the social issues in our country and realizing that I have a voice. As Americans we have the right to speak out about slow recovery in the Gulf Coast, a long war and home foreclosures. But complaining isn’t enough, you have to also take action," Usher said. "Whether serving at the homeless shelter or going to the polls for the first time, you have to act or else Hush.’" Usher explained.

Usher formalized his passion to give back to society nearly 10 years ago with the formation of Usher’s New Look non-profit organization in 1999. His efforts intensified with the re-launch of New Look in 2005.

"I had reached a point in my life where I realized that the more you lead, the more you serve," added Usher.

"My philosophy is to give kids the skills to become active participants in the world around them," explained Usher. "The election process to select our leaders impacts them, even if they can’t vote yet".