USTelematics integrates iTunes services


MUMBAI: USTelematics, Inc., deploying proprietary technology and market-disruptive products at the forefront of the connected-car revolution, has enhanced its Voyager product line with the addition of Apple iTunes functionality and services, by integrating Voyager’s feature package with online music, movie, TV show and audio book download service.
USTelematics’ new Voyager product line, the first to offer live internet protocol TV (IPTV) for passenger automobiles, incorporates a suite of functions and features for the projected $58 billion mobile entertainment and data communications marketplace.
USTelematics, Chief Executive Officer, Howard Leventhal said, “The addition of Apple’s iTunes into the Voyager product line not only extends our product’s versatility, but also provides users with a more seamless experience as they move from their home to their automobile environment. We’re doing more than provide unique options for entertainment and information on the road; we’re leading the evolution of the connected car.”
USTelematics is commercializing an expanding line of products that target the telematics marketplace, including solutions that enable online internet access, email and other communications within passenger and commercial vehicles.
Voyager enables connection to the Web either by 3G EVDO or WiMax wireless modems, and provides hundreds of child-safe program channels into the rear seating areas of cars, SUVs, minivans and other family vehicles.
Intended for use by families in their vehicles on extended trips, Voyager not only delivers live streaming video, but also plays live and stored online games, such as Disney Online and Xbox Live. It also provides live and stored music, movies and TV shows, all filtered to minimize the risk of exposure to web-based adult content.
Voyager’s technology also addresses the business and personal productivity marketplace. In addition to its value for kids in the rear seat, certain models of Voyager envelop the entire vehicle in a Wi-Fi hotspot on wheels. This feature enables for example, a front seat passenger to establish a web connection from any Wi-Fi card-equipped laptop for full bi-directional internet access, including email and website connectivity.
Voyager is being offered in three high-resolution screen sizes with 7″, 10″ and 12″ flip-down VGA video monitors. All system electronics, including the monitor, are encased in a single housing. In contrast to bulky car-rooftop satellite receiving systems, Voyager’s removable external antenna is smaller than many car radio antennas.
In addition to its web-based functionality, Voyager also offers features that do not require an Internet connection. These include DVD movie play, audio CD play, MP3/iTunes audio play, and full compatibility with music, TV audio book and movie download services– for storage on a 40 GB hard drive and play at any time, even in absence of a live wireless Web connection.