ValCom signs JV with Future Films


Mumbai: ValCom has entered into a joint venture with Future Films for production of three horror movies. This joint venture between ValCom, executive producer, and Future Films is anticipated to generate revenues of approximately 2.3 million for ValCom. Production will begin in August with locations in Michigan and Florida. Film production will continue over the next 12 months.

This August, Future Films and ValCom will begin production of the first of three movies, tentatively titled The Strain, written and directed by Hassan Hussein. The second production, titled The Haunting Ground, (aka Jezebel), is a horror/thriller about six young Americans who travel to an ancient, deserted French village to confront an incredible force of dark magic embodied in a tree. The third production, titled Feral, is set in 1560 A.D. Germany. After a strange, brief disappearance of the moon, a wild beast is unleashed on a small village killing mercilessly and holding the entire area in a grip of fear.

Future Films president Hassan Hussein stated, "I am very excited about our joint venture with ValCom. Vince is a genuine and creative person with tremendous experience. My partner, Jonni Semma, and I feel very fortunate with the opportunities this venture creates."

ValCom president and CEO Vince Vellardita commented, "I feel very fortunate to enter this venture with such a flourishing company and look forward to this lasting partnership with Future Films. There are generous tax incentives available to the joint venture to shoot in Michigan, which will lower production costs. In addition, Hussein’s 15 years experience as a director, writer, and producer, combined with ValCom’s production experience will ensure we achieve our revenue goals."