Warner launches WarnerTV in Korea via IPTV service


MUMBAI: Warner Bros. International Branded Services is launching its on-demand WarnerTV branded service for the first time ever in Korea via an agreement with KT’s IPTV provider QOOK TV.

WarnerTV will launch as a video-on-demand service within QOOK TV at no extra charge for consumers who purchase QOOK TV’s subscription video-on-demand programming package.

Each week, WarnerTV will deliver new blockbuster theatrical motion pictures as well as popular American television sitcoms and dramas to QOOK TV viewers. At launch, QOOK TV subscribers will be able to enjoy over 150 blockbuster movies and more than 500 episodes of American television series titles through WarnerTV.

Theatrical motion pictures titles available on WarnerTV include the Harry Potter franchise, 300 and The Polar Express. On the other hand, television series featured on WarnerTV are Friends, The Mentalist, The Closer, Gossip Girl and Nip/Tuck.

As part of the deal, the complete first four seasons of Friends will be available for the first time in Korea on WarnerTV through QOOK TV. Additionally, each episode of Friends will be offered with both English and Korean subtitles.

KT head of media business unit Jong-Ryeol Suh said, "I am happy that WarnerTV will offer content from one of the best and largest entertainment studios in the world. For Korean fans of movies and American television series, QOOK TV will be their favorite new playground. Also, it will offer additional value to the viewers who like to study English by offering favorite American TV series such as ‘Friends’ with English subtitles."

"The launch of WarnerTV on QOOK TV marks our first branded service launch in the highly important Korean market, and we couldn’t be happier to have KT, the country’s number one provider of IPTV services, as our partner. This deal continues a strategic relationship that the Studio has had with KT as our video-on-demand licensing partner since 2007," said Warner Bros. International Branded Services executive vice president – business management Malcolm Dudley-Smith.

In addition to the episodic programming, WarnerTV will also offer special exclusive content such as star interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.