Warner unveils Harry Potter DVD game


MUMBAI: After gaining popularity with the Harry Potter franchise, Warner Home Video (WHV) will now release the Harry Potter Interactive DVD game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Challenge 

This DVD game is designed for the whole family, as up to four people can play — each at their own chosen skill level and can experience the challenges that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has to offer.

In this first of its kind from WHV, the Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game allows one to sort or choose their favorite house before attending class, participate in extracurricular activities and face exciting year end challenges during your first three years at the school. One has to be sure to keep track of house points, for the one with the most at the end of the third year will compete in a deathly wizard duel and receive tickets to the coveted Quidditch World Cup. The DVD player and remote have to be used to navigate the moving staircases at Hogwarts. No game boards, dice or pieces are necessary.

Based primarily on the first three Happy Potter films, with additional scenes from the fourth and fifth films, the Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game is a blend of action and adventure for Harry Potter fans

WHV Vice President, Kids and Sports Marketing, Amit Desai commented, “It is a privilege for WHV to be able to develop this revolutionary interactive DVD game that showcases one of the most successful franchises spanning the globe. Our goal with our interactive DVD titles is to bring more family-friendly characters to life in a hands-on interactive way that is fun for all.”

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Challenge hits stores on 11 December and will be available for $24.98 SRP