XDC is official D-Cinema partner for Cannes Film Festival


MUMBAI: As the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, XDC starts another three year mandate and will be providing all the necessary equipment, as well as its know-how, to support, under the technical supervision of the French CST, all the digital screenings including the parallel sections.

This year, there will be 19 auditoriums to use digital technology and 3D will be the highlight with Up – the new animation film from the Disney Pixar Studios, to be screened during the opening evening as a world premiere in digital 3D. Ten auditoriums will be equipped with 2K DLP Cinema projectors and JPEG2000 servers, and nine auditoriums will be equipped with HD DLP standard projectors.

XDC will implement in all the auditoriums its CineStore Solo G3 server and has selected Christie as the exclusive Official Supplier of the digital projectors. As for the 3D solution, XDC will cooperate with the expert company XpanD.

“We wish to thank the Festival organization for renewing their trust in XDC in the long term and are very happy to extend our cooperation with Christie. There were 100 screenings in 2008 and we expect that this number will be largely exceeded this year,” said XDC France general manager Alain Rémond.

"From the creation of the Cannes Film Festival, the CST, representative organization of the cinema professionals, is responsible for the technical supervision of the projections performed during the Festival. Constantly looking for the latest updates in the field of digital image and sound technologies, the CST is implementing innovative digital projection systems during the Festival, in collaboration with expert technical partners,” added CST executive director Laurent Hebert.

As official partner of the festival and the film market, XDC gives the opportunity to producers, filmmakers and distributors to get a digital copy of their films selected at the Festival for a very attractive fee.

XDC International CEO Serge Plasch said, “This 4th year in digital demonstrates that digital technology is now part of the everyday business in the cinema industry. It gives us a unique opportunity to perfect the tools we use for large scale deployment operations. Digital copies will benefit from a growing number of digital screens in France and all over the world. Our all-in services will be a unique plate-form for future minded producers and distributors.”