XpanD is official 3D supplier for Venice Film Festival


MUMBAI: XpanD has been selected by the Venice Film Festival as the Official 3D Supplier to deliver their new line of X101 active glasses to be used during a series of 3D screenings.

Among those 3D movies selected by the film festival to be shown, The Hole, from director Joe Dante (expected release 2010) will be a major highlight. The 3D influence will also include Toy Story 1 and 2 from the Walt Disney Motion Pictures and Pixar Studios, Daimon (a 2007 production) and Cock-Crow (2009) directed by David Zamagni and Nadia Ranocchi.

XpanD will provide several 3D systems and over 2,500 active glasses, which deliver the most sophisticated technology in today’s marketplace.

XpanD CEO Maria Costeira said, "After the UP world premiere in Cannes earlier this year, we’re much honored to be able to bring our expertise to the Venice Film Festival. 3D movies have inevitably grown in the global programming arenas and the Venice Film Festival is a fantastic showcase for the XpanD brand. This is further exampled with the organizers awarding the most ‘creative 3D movie’ for the first time in the festival’s history."

Festival director Marco Müller added, "3D is going to become more and more important for the cinema industry and I’m very proud that our festival has decided to highlight this new technology. XpanD is certainly a worldwide reference which can only enhance our successful initiative."