YouTube to stream MGM’s full-length movies, TV shows


Mumbai: MGM Worldwide Digital Media (MGM) and Google’s video sharing website YouTube have inked a multiple channel commitment. The deal kicks off with Impact (, a channel dedicated to promoting MGM’s VOD programming and American Gladiators (, a channel which showcases highlights and full episodes from the classic shows from the 1980s and 1990s.

MGM’s Impact launched as a VOD offering in partnership with Comcast.

The Impact channel on YouTube is an extension of the brand dedicated to action programming to promote the MGM Impact channel. The channel will feature a host of clips from classic MGM action films such as Rocky, Ronin, Legally Blonde and The Magnificent Seven in addition to a sampling of exciting and action television shows and full length movies like Lone Wolf McQuade and Bulletproof Monk as well as a variety of clips from classic MGM action films similar to those shown on its Comcast counterpart.

"We’re looking to mine the breadth and depth of the MGM library to build out and promote branded, multiplatform opportunities on demand, online and wherever viewers consume their entertainment," said MGM Worldwide Television co-president Jim Packer.

"Our agreement with YouTube opens the door to a number of themed broadband channels that will both serve the consumers’ growing appetite for entertainment media consumption in the digital space and ‘on demand’ space."

"YouTube is committed to helping our community of fans discover new content and reconnect with their all-time favorite TV shows and movies," said YouTube director of content partnerships Jordan Hoffner. "By partnering with MGM, YouTube is strengthening its position as an entertainment destination where Hollywood studios can reach a global audience and where our audience can watch their favorite full-length films, TV shows, and clips."

Impact and American Gladiator will be refreshed with new videos every month and will be ad-supported. MGM has plans to launch additional channels on YouTube in the near future.