Big FM launches programming initiatives


MUMBAI: Big 92.7 FM has launched two new shows – Life Ki Dhunaktundhun, and another, a segment of five back-to-back songs, that will be played in the first hour of all shows.

Life Ki Dhunaktundhun targets youth who are aspiring for off-beat, alternative career paths. The attraction of the show is its RJ, Chaitanya Bhosle, popularly known as Chin2.

Chin2, a well known name in music and theatre circles, will candidly talk to his friends and colleagues and take listeners through a journey that will offer an insight into different careers. The show will feature the likes of Sudanshu Pandde, DJ Suketu, Ganesh Hegde, Vishal-Shekhar and many others. They will recount their dreams, their journey, and the paths they walked and share their experiences with listeners who seek to attempt similar journeys.

In the process to provide complete musical experience to listeners, BIG 92.7 FM is now playing five songs back to back every first hour of the show. Explaining the basic idea behind back-to-back music, Big 92.7 FM’s programming head Manav Dhanda says, “We want to make BIG 92.7 FM as a purely entertaining and musical station. Along with jock-talks, we aim at providing our listeners wholesome entertainment with melodious music back to back.”