Baahubali: 11 Official Posters You Shouldn’t Miss!


Bahubali-PosterSouth Indian industry’s highly anticipated film Baahubali is creating a wave of anticipation amongst masses with each passing day. Director of the film S. S. Rajamouli has already done a lot from his side by posting official posters of the characters of the film one by one giving an insight about the character’s background. Here’s a compilation of the 11 amazing official posters of Baahubali set to release on July 10. Take a look:

The Destined One: The first poster tweeted by filmmaker Rajamouli was enough to get the speculation rolling. The dramatic poster that sees an infant being raised above sea saw the inception of the series of posters that followed. Rajamouli wrote “He has to fulfil his destiny, come what may!!!”

The Unrestrained: The next poster that came out was of lead actor Prabhas who plays the role of Shivudu also known as Baahubali meaning ‘the one with strong arms’. The director wrote, “Relentlessly pursuing what his heart yearns: Mover of Heaven and Earth”

The Smouldering Secret: Director Rajamouli certainly knows how to make dramatic announcements. Before releasing the poster for the character Devasena played by actress Anushka Shetty he wrote, “Tortured and held captive for years, are the embers of her spirit finally dying???”

The Epitome Of Justice: Probably the poster that received maximum response from the audience was the character Sivagami played by actress Ramya Krishnan. The director praised the actress by writing, “Never before have I dealt with a character so intense and an actor so capable. She is the driving force4 our whole unit these past 2.5 years.”

The Ruthless: Scariest of all is actor Prabhakar’s role of Kalakeya the ruthless warlord. The director wrote, “Blood quenches his thirst, Violence gives him peace. Commander of a 100,000 barbarians!!!”

The Uncrowned Bitterness: Played by ace actor Nassar, Bijjala Deva is director Rajamouli’s favourite character in the film. The filmmaker wrote saying that Nassar portrayed the role with so much insight that it has become his personal favourite. About the character he wrote, “Venom in every word! Resentment in every step! Envy in every thought!”

The Slave Warrior: Kattapa the slave warrior has been played by actor Sathyaraj in the film. Displaying some of the best costumes seen till date the filmmaker wrote, “A lifetime of living by the code of Honour… Does it lift your chest high in Pride? Or Weigh you down in Pain??”

The Persian Noble: Actor Kiccha Sudeep has done a special guest appearance in the film as Aslaam Khan on being requesting by SS Rajamouli. While sharing the poster the director made sure to thank him. He wrote, “On my request, @KicchaSudeep did a small guest appearance in #Baahubali the beginning. thanks Sudeep.”

The Angelic Avenger: Stealing all the thunder by falling on social media like an angel was actress Tamannaah Bhatia’s character Avantika. Looking breathtaking as ever in her avatar Tamannaah’s character is defined as ‘Her beauty is shrouded in mystery’ by the director.

The Tyrant King: Rana Daggubati’s thunderous look as Bhallala Deva struck the right nerve with the audience. Looking strong and mighty as ever Rana looked like the perfect match for the character. Rajamouli wrote, “Strength Unmatched. Power Unchallenged. Mind Unread.”

The True King: Actor Prabhas who plays the role of Baahubali as well as Shivudu has worked really hard to achieve perfection. The poster shows the one true king, Baahubali meaning ‘the one with strong arms’. Director Rajamouli had earlier written, “Every story has ONE single moment at its core which defines & drives the entire plot What follows is the HEART of #Baahubali the beginning”