Is Rana Daggubati The Reason Why Trisha Broke Up With Varun Manian?


Trisha-RanaKollywood’s queen Trisha is again in news and this time for her growing closeness with her ex boyfriend Rana Daggubati. Yes, Trisha is the same actress who was recently in news for her sudden break up with her then fiancé Varun Manian. Everything was going smooth and steady for the actress in her relationship, and just when Trisha’s fans thought that this was it for the actress, Trisha broke off the engagement with Varun Manian for some unknown reason.

Now recent rumours suggest that Trisha’s growing closeness with her ex boyfriend Rana might have caused Varun his relationship with Trisha. Rumour has it that Trisha’s re-joining with her ex beau Rana could be the reason why she split with Varun.

In case you are new to this and don’t know anything about Trisha and Rana. Let us break it down for you. Apparently, the two have often been linked to each other for their on and off relationship. Nor Trisha, neither Rana ever publicly accepted their relationship rumours but the two were madly in love. But soon, things became sour between Trisha and Rana and the two parted ways. Now, post Trisha’s engagement, the two started to get close to each other again. On Trisha’s birthday, Rana took to Twitter to wish Trish a very happy birthday, to which she replied back tweeting, ” Thank you Pschychooo”

A source close to the actress revealed that Trisha and Rana have become “good friends” again. Now, we wonder if her growing fondness and closeness with her ex beau caused Trisha her relationship with Varun Manian? Well, whatever be the reason, we wish the actress all the luck and happiness in her life.