Kabali US Review: Did The Audience Like The Rajnikanth Starrer Film?



[tps_footer]We recently told you about how the copy of Kabali submitted for censorship was leaked online. However, the leak is barely going to affect the film’s journey to success and we will tell you why.

The film had a special screening organised in the US on Wednesday evening. The audience, already thrilled to watch the movie of Rajnikanth, was in for a greater surprise. Rajnikanth himself graced the screening to watch the movie with the audience.


The film is already booked house full in India and US alike for the initial 3 days. Rajnikanth has a huge fanfare across the globe and frenzy is increasing day by day. However, there were only a few lucky ones who got the chance to watch the screening in San Fransisco.

The fans didn’t just stick to watching the movie but also gave an amazing review about it.

#Kabali USA Review: Movie is a Paisa Vasool for #Thalaivar Fans.. Lot of Goose bump moments.. Theater ‘ll explode several time with applause. [sic],” tweeted Ramesh, an industry insider about the reviews of Kabali from US.


However, the fans present for the screening in the US also indulged in some mischief. Apparently, a two-minute video which is said to be Kabali’s opening scene was leaked online which went viral.

Kabali, starring Radhika Apte, Kishore, Dinesh, Kalaiarasan, Dhansikaa, Ritwika and Winston Chao is directed by Pa. Ranjith. The film shows Rajnikanth playing a don, who fights for the rights of Tamils in Malaysia. The film is releasing worldwide tomorrow.

Kabali has already started making its journey to success. The film has collected Rs. 200 Cr as of now with the sale of music and satellite rights.

However, the film is also expected to earn a good Rs. 100 Cr in not more than three days as the advance booking is already full and the demand for tickets is exorbitant.[/tps_footer]