Tevar Review: Old-Fashioned Attitude


In Northern India attitude (tevar) seems to all it needs to be a one-man army – an invincible mixture of Salman Khan, Rambo and Terminator. Pintoo Shukla (Arjun Kapoor) epitomizes this character. He’s a kadaddi playing lay-about who hangs out on rooftops and wastes time with his friends, occasionally picking fights with men who are harassing local girls.

The Agra boy happens to be in Mathura the day Radhika (Sonakshi Sinha) is trying to escape from the obsessive love of a local politician Gajender Singh (Manoj Bajpayee). Pintoo jumps in feet first, grabs the girl and runs with her, assuming she is a damsel in distress – an easy assumption since Sonakshi Sinha usually plays exactly those characters!

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As Pintoo shelters and protects Radhika, fighting armies of goons singlehandedly, over three days, they fall in love with each other. Now Pintoo is determined that Gajender will not force Radhika into marriage. Chases through Agra streets covered in the powder and water colours of Holi, a massive punch up in the middle of a fair (mela) and even an airport scene find their way into a screenplay that is already punctuated by forgettable songs dragging down an already formulaic and overwritten story.

This is 80s masala in all its Technicolor glory, clichés and all. Even the stunning backdrop of the Taj Mahal is not enough to distract from its regressive theme and the soul-less lead performances.

Rating: *1/2

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