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Shirish Kunder’s Kriti Vs Aneel Neupane’s BOB: Guess Who Won!

Shirish Kunder was much in the limelight lately for his short film 'Kriti'.

After Shirish Kunder’s Kriti, Aneel Neupane’s Bob Pulled Down From YouTube

Bollywood director Shirish Kunder and Nepali director Aneel Neupane recently had a legal spat

Kriti Poster Copied: Shirish Kunder HITS BACK At His Haters!

Shirish Kunder who is recently in the limelight for his short film Kriti has also landed in a trouble.

Youtube Pulls Down Shirish Kunder’s Kriti on Copy Rights Claim By...

Editor and Music Director Shirish Kunder’s latest production ‘Kriti’ a short film, was pulled down from the video website, Youtube at 11:00 PM IST.

Shirish Kunder Files Legal Notice Against Makers Of BOB!

The director Shirish Kunder and makers have denied all such allegations and now in turn filed a legal notice against the latter for laying false

Short Film Kriti Copied? Shirish Kunder Clarifies

Shirish Kunder is much in the limelight for his short film 'Kriti'.