Bigg Boss 8 Breaking With Salman Khan: Secret Santa In The House

BB8-SunnyAs it’s Christmas today, housemates had a wonderful morning with wake up Christmas song in Bigg Boss 8 house. Their morning started with ‘Jingle Bell’ song and with a surprise decorative house full of lights, a big Christmas tree and snowflakes in the garden area.

This week was full of task and nominations for the housemates, so Bigg Boss thought to bring some Santa surprises for the contestants.

Bigg Boss gave a task to be secret Santa for each other. Announcement was made that everyone in the house would get opportunity to become secret Santa and get gifts. Each contestant had to pick up a paper chit written another persons name in it. The contestant had to secretly gift the person from their personal belonging and not from Bigg Boss property.

As per rule, housemates can’t reveal the name of the person whom they are gifting what. They all were asked to wrap the gifts up and place it under the Christmas tree.

As the buzzer rang all the contestants sat on the bench in front of the Christmas tree and took their gifts one by one. Puneet turned emotional and his eyes were in tears after getting ‘Ganesh-Laxmi’ idol, which moved him on.

Sonali got a leather jacket that made her day by secret Santa, as she wanted to have that jacket from very long. Upen got a chain with owl locket, which is a sign of good omen.

Christmas Eve brought some fantastic gifts and a wonderful happiness in the Bigg Boss. After living more than three months in Bigg Boss house without family and friends this has boost up some energy for the contestants and make up them to reach finals.

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