TRAILER: ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ – Leonardo DiCaprio Takes Wall Street By Storm


The master of modern cinema is back with a bang with ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’. Martin Scorsese gets together with his golden boy Leonardo DiCaprio to film a movie about the life of fraudulent Wall Street stock broker Jordan Belfort who was convicted for crimes related to stock market manipulations. In ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, Martin Scorsese also gets along Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey for the ride.

‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ trailer begins by setting up Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jordan Belfort as a pompous, flamboyant and rich stock broker who believes in making money and having fun. Some may feel that this is a repeat of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from ‘The Great Gatsby’, but Jordan Belfort doesn’t look as troubled as Jay Gatsby. Jordan Belfort is the type of character who is ashamed because he just made slightly lesser than $1 million per week. He also unashamedly asks FBI agents to have some booze, and when they deny it, he showers money on them.

Jonah Hill looks to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s partner in crime in ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, even taping money over a woman in a swimsuit. The trailer is choke-full with such absurd imagery. At one point in the trailer, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character throws lobsters at the FBI agents and then later carries around a chimpanzee while Jonah Hill’s character tries to eat a goldfish.

In fact, it seems the only sane person in this trailer for ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ is Matthew McConaughey’s character, but he too is still bizarre, especially in the last moments of the trailer where he gets Leonardo DiCaprio to thump his chest along with him.

‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ trailer is cut slickly to the rhythm of Kanye West’s new song ‘Black Skinhead’, and what a great feel that gives the trailer. The hip-hop song goes really well with depicting the excess of a person who earned almost $1 million a week when he was 26 years of age.

‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ releases tentatively in November, 2013, right in time for next year’s Oscar contention. Till then, enjoy watching the trailer over and over again just for Leonardo DiCaprio’s dance moves.