Bigg Boss: Most Irritating Contestants


The biggest and popular reality show Bigg Boss is giving more than the audiences would have asked for. Popular celebrities who couldn’t make themselves famous on the screen, participate in this reality show.Contestants who take part in the show are the one’s who make the show interesting and worth watching.

The show is all about getting controversial actors from the television and Bollywood world and creating the TRP. Its not easy for the contestants to survive three months in the house without any access to the outside world.

So automatically the contestants get irritated and their funniest as well as true face comes out.

Let’s check out the most intolerable and irritating contestants of all the Bigg Boss seasons!

Here’s the list.Dimpy-Bigg-Boss.

Dimpy Mahajan: Dimpy Mahajan contestant of Bigg Boss 8 season created a limelight just after her wild card entry. Dimpy’s loud voice and cries where enough to make someone irritating.Bigg-Boss-Ali-Quli-05

Ali Quli Mirza: The name itself makes you laugh by his ugly and irritating behaviour on the show. Ali Quli didn’t leave a single chance to make someone angry and irritated by his behaviour.

Rakhi Sawant:

The drama queen herself is the controversy for everyone. Just being Rakhi Sawant is enough to stir up a ruckus. In the first season of the show, she got into fights with Kashmera Shah and other contestants too.

Dolly-Bindra-02 Dolly Bindra:
She might have got the biggest ticket to enter in season 6 and become the most popular in irritating everyone. Unforgettable and unforgivable, Dolly used her raucous voice at every given instant. She even managed to fight with Manoj Tiwari who’s known for his soft-spoken nature.

Pooja-Misrra-01 Pooja Misrra:
Extremely incoherent, uncooperative and difficult to handle Pooja Misrra contestant of Bigg Boss season 5. She is perhaps the first human on earth who doesn’t need a reason to pick a fight. If she feels like getting into an argument, she will.imam- Imaam Siddiqui
None of the celebs were thrown out the Bigg Boss house the way Imam Siddiqui was. This controversial contestant’s was out of the box antics- donning skin colored body suit, acting like a Tiger and impromptu ‘tandava’ has surely made audiences irritated to the extent.


Sofia Hayat
Sofia Hayat shot up to popularity within a few hours of entering the house. Thanks to her aggressive stint in Bigg Boss! Post her eviction, her legal tussle with co-contestant Armaan Kohli on charges of alleged physical abuse made her the queen of headlines.


ajaz Ajaz Khan
The Ek Number Manus was always seen doing stunts to be the ‘Footage King’ in the house. From sparking a love angle with Gauahar to picking up fights with Armaan and other contestants, Ajaz made sure he grabbed enough eyeballs for his stay in the house. How can we forget his ‘Ek Number’ dailogue which made contestants irritated.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 5.48.04 PM Veena Malik
Pakistani actress Veena Malik and Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel made headlines with their closeness on the show. Veena Malik created the most irritating behaviour on the show by her cheesy talks and lame techniques to stay on the show.

Sapn Sapna Bhavnani: Sapna Bhavnani, the celebrity hairstylist, was wacky in her own way. She made herself popular in the house due to her temper tantrums but also managed to have a fight with the Bigg Boss host, Salman Khan. And yes, her weekly hair colors and cries realy made audiences irritated.


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