Is Shraddha Kapoor Jealous Of Aditya- Parineeti’s Chemistry?


Aditya-Roy-Kapur-parineetiParineeti Chopra’s closeness with Aditya Roy Kapur was the talk of the town lately. All people could talk about was how her camaraderie with Aditya is giving Shraddha Kapoor jealous pangs.

But all you gossipmongers who were dying to give the ‘told you so’ speech, here’s the news flash. Parineeti apparently has only sisterly affection towards Aditya.

In a recent interview, Parineeti said that there cannot be any romantic liaisons between Aditya and her as she respects and admires him. She also said that she feels sisterly towards Aditya.

Any of you trying to figure what’s brewing between the two sorry to disappoint. The lady has made it amply care that they are literally just friends.

Well, more than the gossipmongers, it is Aditya’s alleged girlfriend Shraddha Kapoor who will be relieved to hear this. We are happy that the girl has clear the air about her chemistry with Aditya. We were hating to see our favourite Parineeti Chopra fielding linkup questions day in and day out.

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