5 Bollywood Celebrities Badly Slammed By Fans With Open Letters!


Mira Rajput:

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput might have never thought that her comment on working women will stir a controversy. Mira’s controversial remark about being a homemaker on Women’s Day, angered working mothers and was slammed with back to back open letters. Some also included journalist.

This is an excerpt from one of the letters that appeared on the Huffington Post, written by 3 working mothers.

“So to put it in black and white — we choose to work! Cue the offended gasps and muttered aside.— you unnatural mother!

…It’s our passion, we have studied and worked hard to get here and we enjoy using this brilliant tool! The challenge of child-rearing while pursing and excelling at our passion is our every day struggle.

To be a better role model: As our daughters grow up, they will see mothers who are engaged and happy and productive. They will see mothers who are dealing with the challenges of everyday life, who come home and cry when their day at office has been bad and still wipe their tears, polish their smiles and go off to work the next day.

…We all do whatever it takes to make our children happy. We read the same book again and again till we know it by heart, we make the same funny faces to hear them laugh, we all plead with them to eat some vegetables.”