Lil Wayne In Legal Trouble Once Again For $96000


Looks like legal troubles have become a part of Hollywood rapper Lil Wayne‘s life, who is once again facing charges in court. This time for a sum of $96000 (Rs. 64 lakhs approx) which he apparently owes to a pyrotechnics company for an unsettled amount back in 2013. The rapper had ordered a huge amount of fireworks for his stage performances when he was on tour two years ago. But it seems the rapper never paid the amount he owed to the company, and for the same he is facing charges now.

Lil Wayne had ordered fireworks in bulk which consisted of certain things like – 200 tracer comets, 92 silver gerbs, 2 white flashes with a bang, 36 propane tanks, and 30 lbs of exploding powder according to reports. When the rapper failed to pay the amount, the pyrotechnics company and he entered into a settlement pact few months back. Lil Wayne skipped that payment as well apparently and hence the company was forced to take legal action.

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The court has now ordered the rapper to pay a sum of $96000 to the company for all the delay and trouble caused by him. Ever since his departure from the company of Birdman, Wayne has been struggling to get his music life back on track. He is currently working on his album No Ceilings 2 which is being hyped gradually as it progresses. The YMCMB star has been in the limelight for all the court charges being faced by him where recently he faced a major blow.

Lil Wayne made headlines earlier when his Miami Beach Mansion was raided by the police and assets worth $2 million dollars were seized by them. The rapper has had a history of criminal charges and had also served eight months in jail after pleading guilty for possession of illegal weapons. Lil Wayne is surely having a tough time getting back on his feet and now only time will tell if he rises as an entrepreneur musician once again against all odds.

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