20th Century Fox releases World Films’ The Butcher in Australia


Mumbai: World Films, Inc. has acquired a 20th Century Fox release of its most recent film The Butcher in Australia in March 2009.

Written and directed by Jesse Johnson, The Butcher is an action-packed drama about Merle Hench, a washed-up ex-prize fighter turned mob enforcer, who after a 20 year streak of bad luck has 48 golden hours. Starring Eric RobertsThe Butcher has garnered great acclaim domestically and internationally.

"Aligning with major film studios such as 20th Century Fox helps establish our credibility as an emerging production company and brings great recognition to the films we produce," stated World Films co-CEO and executive producer The Butcher Thad Pryor. "We look forward to the release of The Butcher in Australia and continue to forge ahead securing additional releases throughout Europe."

The movie co-stars Robert Davi, Keith David, actress Irina Bjorklund; and tough guy actor Michael Ironside.

"World Films continues to excel in the action-drama category offering audiences high-quality, productions that combine smart story lines with well-executed action," said company co-CEO and executive producer of The Butcher Anthony Pugliese.

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