Cine-tal develops 3D solution for Dolby

Mumbai: Cine-tal Systems announced that it has developed customized, image processing technology for Dolby Laboratories that facilitates the playback of 3D movies using a Dolby 3D Digital Cinema process while they are in production.
The technology, which will be deployed under the name Cine-tal Color Processor for Dolby 3D, is aimed at movie studios and other producers of stereoscopic 3D films using a Dolby 3D Digital Cinema process for post production operations such as color grading and screenings. The system employs Dolby’s advanced color processing for playback of any 3D source material that has not yet been packaged into a DCP (Digital Cinema Package). Cine-tal’s solution ensures color accuracy in 3D playback, so that the playback image matches Dolby 3D Digital Cinema systems used in theaters.  

"Dolby believes it is important to provide technology that delivers content exactly as the artist intended so the audience can enjoy what the creators experienced while they were in production," said Dolby Laboratories vice president, worldwide production services David Gray. "We are excited to be working with Cine-tal Systems on the Dolby 3D Color Processor which brings Dolby 3D to the post production facilities."
"This technology will come as a welcome advance to everyone involved in making 3D movies using Dolby 3D Digital Cinema," said Cine-tal president and CEO Rob Carroll. "Producers can review conformed 3D material from any source just as they would if they were producing a conventional, 2D film. It also allows producers to review their work, confident that what they see is what they will get when the film is shown in theaters."

The Dolby 3D Color Processor is based on image processing technology incorporated into Cine-tal’s acclaimed display systems, including its Cinemage digital monitor. The technology is already in use by a major motion picture studio in Hollywood and at Dolby Laboratories’ facility in Burbank.
"Cine-tal is very pleased that Dolby chose to work with us to develop this solution," said Carroll. "We are always eager to work with technology leaders to create solutions for professional markets either through an OEM relationship, or directly through the Cine-tal brand."

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