I love the black suit of Men In Black: Will Smith

Will Smith

MUMBAI: The third movie in the ‘Men In Black’ trilogy is set to release on 25th May.

Talking about the movie, Will Smith says, "I have to figure out how to articulate it but “Men in Black” is in 3D. It is supposed to be the movie that lives in that kind of world. It adds emotionally, it adds comedically, it transports you in a way that some movies take you out of. It’s absolutely perfect. And it’s about Time travel, aliens, monsters and most importantly about the relationship between Agent J and K! With this film the relation between the two agents grows much much stronger.”

The third movie in the franchise returns after a gap of 10 long years and according to Smith it was the concept and the characters that needed this maturity period. “What we had to do was elevate the story, and the only way to do that is to go deeper, deeper into the characters, deeper into the revelations that the movie would reveal. The thing I really love is the retro aliens. The aliens are designed from the science fiction perspective of the 60s. The aliens capture a texture, a wonderful sense of humor, and a clever inventiveness that lends itself to this world” he adds.

Speaking about Director Barry Sonenfeld, Smith says, “A hundred feet in the background of a shot is something that’s going to be the eighth time you see the movie before you see the person from the 60s he put on the screen – he does all those kinds of things, if you go frame by frame there’s tons of jokes and political satire and all kinds of stuff that he’s doing.”

Smith seemed excited as he spoke about the Black suit, “You can’t beat the black suit. The seven-year-old boy in me comes running out when I put the black suit on.”

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