Imperia Entertainment appoints new CEO


MUMBAI: Imperia Entertainment, Inc. has appointed Jeff Ritchie as its new CEO and chairman. The current CEO and chairman Kenneth Eade, will be stepping down immediately, retaining his position as corporate counsel.


Ritchie began his film career in post-production by using advancements in computer technology to create a cost-effective computer graphics company with such clients as Disney and CBS.


Having a passion for filmmaking, Ritchie sold his company and started working in film production. Ritchie worked for various studios, completing over 15 films and has produced over a dozen feature films, written three produced scripts and produced numerous commercials all in the last eight years.


Ritchie has experience in managing private production companies, working for production companies such as Crystal Sky Communications (Ghost Rider, Baby Geniuses), Roger Corman’s New Horizon (The Haunting of Hell House).