Mobile content tools market to top $8 billion in 2008


Mumbai: Music and electronic game publishers, television broadcasters, video production companies, content aggregators, and telecommunications carriers worldwide are expected to spend more than $8 billion on the tools needed to create, edit, manage, and load various forms of content onto mobile devices by year-end.

As per a new market research study from The Insight Research Corporation called "Content Management for Wireless Networks, 2008-2013," current content management systems are primarily focused on the delivery of the content to a specific device type. Within the forecast period, attention will shift from discrete systems focusing on delivery of specific content using rudimentary content management integration to full-blown systems that are centered on reusable content suitable for multi-channel delivery.

"What we expect to see emerge over the next few years, are tools that unlock the value of content in the digital age by formatting and managing content for device- independence. When content becomes reusable across multiple delivery channels its value increases enormously, which will foster investment in developing the next generation of content management tools," says Insight Research president Robert Rosenberg.