MyMovieNetwork unveils tool for filmmakers


MUMBAI: There is a new video tool available now to innovative aspiring filmmakers.

A new online video site,, launched recently, focuses on the amateur and independent filmmaking community by providing filmmakers an environment to showcase their work, give and receive constructive feedback, participate in contests to push them to new levels of quality.

MyMovieNetwork offers a tool which provides members the ability to create a professional looking portfolio that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. The portfolio tool is part of a larger suite of online social and professional development tools on, tools that are designed for the entertainment industry and constantly improved with new functionality based on member and visitor feedback.

“Sending out your portfolio is a great way to showcase your work whether you’re applying for a job, want to impress a potential client or looking for admission into that selective college or university,” says Vidfinity LLC’s Clint Mazur. “Parents are always looking to give their children the edge in today’s competitive scholastic environment and MyMovieNetwork is helping them find it.”

Portfolios go hand in hand with the growing scouting feature where members can define when and where they are available for assignments and for which role. Any site member working on a project can search for availability of others by looking for requisite location or role, identifying the right person and then contacting that person to see if they would work with them through private messaging functionality.