Paramount Home Entertainment & Redbox announce trial license program


MUMBAI: Paramount Home Entertainment Inc. (PHE) and Redbox Automated Retail, LLC (Redbox) have entered into a trial license program that will provide Redbox access to Paramount Pictures DVD releases through the end of 2009.

As part of this program, PHE will receive access to detailed PHE rental data, which the studio will use to evaluate the impact and viability of the program.

PHE’s titles will be made available to Redbox when the title is initially released regardless of whether the title is part of PHE’s recently announced rental / Blu-ray sell-through strategy, or if it is to be released day and date for both sale and rental.

"This agreement is a positive step with Paramount. The agreement ensures that our customers will have increased access to some of the biggest titles of the year," said Redbox president Mitch Lowe.

Following the four-month trial period, PHE has the option to extend the program to 2014, with an out clause after two years. In addition, as part of the program with PHE, Redbox has agreed to destroy the product once Redbox removes it from the kiosk.