Scanbox signs up to HD VMD at Cannes Fest


MUMBAI: New Medium Enterprises, Inc signed a content deal with film distributor Scanbox Entertainment at the Cannes Film Festival in France.


The partnership ensures that Scanbox are the leader of HD VMD films across the Scandinavian territory supplying blockbuster Hollywood titles such as Saw 2, Lucky Number Slevin, 16 blocks and Lord of War.


Scanbox Entertainment managing managing director Norway and corporate senior marketing manager Jon Einar Sivertsen said, “The quality of HD VMD is excellent whilst other advantages of this format ensure we remain innovative within the market place. We are excited about the attention our films will attract through HD VMD.”


Retailers are expected to sell NME bundle boxes consisting of a HD VMD player plus five inclusive blockbuster films at a considerably lower price than Blue-ray or Toshiba’s HD-DVD making the HD VMD format the most affordable HD home entertainment player in the world.


New Medium Enterprises executive vice president Alexander Bolker-Hagerty says, “Officially announcing the VMD pioneer for Scandinavia, Scanbox has been one of our successful highlights of the Cannes Film Festival event. Scanbox’s involvement with VMD strengthens the European need for affordable High Definition content now rather than in the future.”