Exclusive Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: Suyyash Rai’s Abusive Argument With Bigg Boss!


As earlier we revealed that Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 9′ has entered its first week and the contestants are going through their first task ‘Phobia’, which is scary as hell.

With too much of drama and entertainment, as we all know Bigg Boss is not going to spare the contestants in any way. Each jodi has to elect another jodi to perform the phobia task and interestingly those phobias are something which they never heard of.

One after another jodis were elected to perform the luxury task. Interestingly, jodi Rimi Sen- Suyyash Rai had to go bald which of course was rejected by Rimi while Suyyash was all ready to do. But due to Rimi, the duo gave it a quit.

Now we exclusively reveal that in the upcoming episode you will see the first heated argument between Rimi and Suyyash who argue on contradicting decisions. Both of them get another opportunity to be part of the task and were asked to perform ‘needle’ phobia task.

Rimi and Suyyash had to get inked Bigg Boss’ permanent tattoo on their body, which was again rejected by Rimi and that made Suyyash go angry. Later, Suyyash went ahead and was ready to get inked, but on one condition. He asked ‘Bigg Boss’ to reduce the size of the tattoo which of course was not possible.

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Suyyash who lost his temper, was seen abusing and going high with the anger in the activity area. He also said that ‘Bigg Boss’ is going partial as Mandana who is a foreigner was allowed to get medicines when she demanded and that his condition for the task was rejected.

As the contestants were watching the entire thing on the Plasma TV, Mandana Karimi got upset over it and started crying saying that she is being cornered which created a discussing point between the contestants.

Later, Vikas-Yuvika were given the opportunity to elect one jodi for the next task and they chose Kishwar- Aman for ‘hair phobia’ task. The task seemed to be scary for the two, but the only thing they had to do in the task was to stick hair on their face for few minutes and ultimately they succeeded to do it.

Later, Prince- Rochelle were asked to elect and the task again went to Kishwar –Aman. The duo had to perform ‘fish organ’ task where mouth organ was kept inside the fish’ mouth and they had to blow it for few minutes which they again succeeded to do it.

Well, we wonder what the results would be at the end of the budget task! Stay tuned to Business Of Cinema to catch Exclusive updates on ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’!

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