Watch: Salman Khan’s Inmate Mahesh Siani Reveals His Prison Days With The Superstar


Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan is loved by millions and adored by them all. One of such admirer is Mahesh Siani who was Salman Khan’s inmate during his 72-hour-stay at the time of the blackbuck case. Mahesh Siani will now be seen starring in a film based on the incident of the blackbuck case, Qaidi No. 210 and will be playing his own self as a character.

At the launch of the film Qaidi No. 210, an emotional Mahesh Siani opened up about his experience with the superstar. As nostalgic as he was, Mahesh Siani described everything that had happened during his brief stay with Salman Khan. Mahesh stated, “Before I met Salman I wasn’t really interested in him, but when I met him and got to know him personally I got to know how good he is as a human being.”

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“Salman Khan and I ate together, slept at the same place, and even played games that were provided to the inmates together. There was also a time when I cooked soya bean dish for him, which he politely tasted. Somehow the news got out and because I was his warden and the news spread, I got into trouble,” he further added.

Mahesh Siani also talked about the good deeds Salman Khan tried to do during his stay in jail, “There are few prisoners who are locked up for petty crimes who can be bailed for mere 100 to 200 rupees but unfortunately get stuck in jail due to poverty. Salman Khan offered to pay for all of them but due to some legal issues he couldn’t do so. He even offered to pay my bail, which was around 50,000, but I refused him.”

According to Mahesh Siani, he has not been able to contact Salman Khan since the time of their stay. He further added that he feels honoured to be working on Qaidi No. 210, which is based on the superstar’s life.

Produced by Ranjeet Sharma the film will also see debutant Usmaan Khan playing the role of Salman Khan. Also two newcomers will play the role of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Katrina Kaif.

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