StreamScale unveils NumaRAID film storage solution

Mumbai: StreamScale, a provider of high-performance storage solutions for the Digital Media market, announced the availability of NumaRAID, a newly developed high-performance, scalable storage platform based on commodity components that delivers extremely high sustained throughput for uncompressed 4K films stored on RAID6.

NumaRAID provides close to a ten times improvement in price/performance over existing comparable storage solutions at a fraction of the cost. NumaRAID utilizes the groundbreaking ConnectX InfiniBand interconnect from Mellanox Technologies and the latest server technology to bring advanced, supercomputing technologies to bear on Digital Film Processing and Archival, Video on Demand and SMB Virtualization solutions.

"NumaRAID, which attaches directly to any standard InfiniBand switch, is a RAID6 capable storage system providing sustained data rates of over 1.2GB/s, which is more than enough to playback uncompressed 4k film, the ‘gold standard’ of the Digital Media industry," said StreamScale president Mike Anderson.

"We are pleased to collaborate with StreamScale to deliver innovative, native InfiniBand-based storage systems for the growing Digital Content Creation market," said Mellanox Technologies director of technical marketing Gilad Shainer.

"While StreamScale’s NumaRAID utilizes 20Gb/s ConnectX InfiniBand now, it is designed to take advantage of 40Gb/s InfiniBand later this year, to meet the increasing demand for high-capacity, future storage-intensive applications."

StreamScale is shipping pre-production units now, which can be ordered through Colfax International, a global supplier of fully customizable, high-performance workstations, servers, clusters, and storage solutions. StreamScale expects to be in full production by the end of June 2008.

"Colfax International, together with StreamScale, is proud to provide a powerful InfiniBand-based storage system," said Colfax International CEO Gautam Shah. "We bring our expertise of building highly reliable systems based on commodity elements, to provide the best experience to the end-user."

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