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Bigg Boss 9: Keith Sequeira’s Ex-Wife Reacts On Keith And Rochelle...

Bigg Boss 9 contestants Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao, who have been dating to each other from last few months.

Bigg Boss 9: Prince Narula Is Not The First Finalist Of...

Prince Narula is not the first finalist of Bigg Boss 9, as Salman Khan had already made it clear during the last weekend.

Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: Housemates Play New Blindfold Task, Guess Who...

With just two weeks left for the grand finale of Bigg Boss 9, the housemates are being introduced with back-to-back tasks.

Breaking Bigg Boss 9: After Prince, You Won’t Believe Who Enters...

Bigg Boss 9 show is inching close to the grand finale and the housemates have geared up to secure their place in top 3.

Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: Imam Siddique Finally Succeeds In Making Rishabh...

As a punishment, Imam Siddique asked Bigg Boss 9 contestant Rishabh Sinha to chop his hair.

Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: Bigg Boss Annoyed On Imam Siddique!

The makers of Bigg Boss 9 show have got controversial Imam Siddique in the house as a new strategy to increase the TRP.

Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: Mandana Karimi’s Shocking Allegations Leaves Prince Narula...

Bigg Boss 9 contestant Mandana Karimi is known to create a fight in the house out of nowhere and this time it was with Prince Narula.

Bigg Boss 9: What Did Imam Siddique Do That Made Priya...

Imam Siddique gives a cruel punishment to Bigg Boss 9 contestant Priya Malik for not performing the task.

Bigg Boss 9: OMG! Imam Siddique Makes Priya Malik To Eat...

These might be one of the worst nightmares that Bigg Boss 9 contestants can experience, after former contestant Imam Siddique’s entry.

Exclusive Bigg Boss 9: Imam Siddique Threatens Housemates!

Bigg Boss 9 contestants must have never expected that their last few weeks in the house would be spend with Imam Siddique.

Bigg Boss 9: You Won’t Believe What Housemates Have To Do...

These might be one of the worst nightmares that Bigg Boss 9 contestants can experience, after former contestant Imam Siddique’s entry.

Bigg Boss 9: OMG! Prince Narula Gets Physical With Imam Siddique

During 'kaun Imam' task, Prince Narula and Imam Siddique got into an ugly argument.

Bigg Boss 9 Exclusive: Keith Sequeira And Rochelle Rao On Their...

After criticizing Prince Narula on his past reality shows, Imam Siddique targeted couple, Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao.

The Many Moods Of Imam Siddique

After entertaining audiences with his antics on reality show ‘Big Boss’, fashion designer Imam Siddique is all set to don a new role, that of a TV presenter cum anchor cum contestant.

PHOTOS: Grand Finale Of ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 6 – Alag Che!

3 months ago, Salman Khan entered our homes and hearts with the sixth season of the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. Little did he or the makers know that this season would turn out to be as incredibly interesting and fun-filled as it did. With the promise of this season being different i.e. ‘Alag Chhe’, fans of the popular reality TV were most certainly in for a surprise.

BIGG BOSS 6 FINALE: Who Would Salman Khan Vote For?

The Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Season 6 is only a few hours away. While India decides who they want to see walk away with a cool Rs 50 lakhs, the question is - Who would Salman Khan vote for?